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Using DSLR Manual Settings in Adobe Lightroom app

Not only the iPhone 7 allows you to shoot in RAW / DNG, you can also use Manual Settings like you have in a DSLR to take creative photos.

How cool can that get!

This was shot on outer-ring road near Bellandur.

How to take DSLR quality photos using DSLR controls on your Smartphone?

Tap and launch the Adobe Lightroom app in your mobile.

Tap the camera icon to launch the camera options.

Access your camera using Lightroom app


Tap AUTO, and tap on PRO. On the left, make sure the option is set to DNG.

RAW mode shooting with manual DSLR settings

Tap Exp on the right. This option allows you to control Exposure. Tap on the screen and set the focus in your frame. Now, you can either overexpose by moving the slider up, or underexpose by moving it down. Move the slider and see what turns out to be the best.

Shoot in RAW or DNG and control exposure

Tap WB. This option allows you to change the White Balance according to the scene you are capturing. In this scenario, I have chosen Cloudy. Have a look at the output.

Set White Balance in your smartphone camera like DSLR

Another White Balance option set.

Smartphone camera settings

Tap the two-circle icon on the top right. These have default presets that you can choose from; this will apply a nice tone and enhance the photo. Try them out.

Presets in Lightroom for Mobile

Tap ISO. The ISO number refers to the film’s sensitivity to light. Higher the number, the more sensitive to light the film is. This means, if the scene is dark, you can increase ISO and make it look bright, but you may lose details in the photo. The lower the number, the quality of the photo is better.

Take photos like in DSLR using mobile

Few photos taken with different settings:

Mobile Photography settings

iPhone photography

Have you taken any sunsets in RAW mode? Share with us in comments, let’s have a look 🙂

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