Save High or Full resolution photos post editing using latest Snapseed

Do not resize photo
Written by Antony Pratap

I recently observed there is a bit of quality lack in the image that is being exported using Snapseed post processing. I went through all the settings the new version had to offer and found this setting where by default Snapseed compresses the jpg image quality. This could be to save memory on your mobile. In my case I have more than enough memory and I always prefer a full size High definition image. Below are the instructions of how to enable Snapseed to enable full resolution while saving your image.

Change file size settings in Snapseed on iOS (iPhone)

How to save full size High resolution photos after editing:

1. Tap the three dots on the right top to access the Settings menu. Now tap Settings at the bottom.

Snapseed imaze size settings

2. In this screen you will notice two options. Image sizing, and Format and quality.iPhone Snapseed photo settings

3. Tap on Image Sizing, and make sure Do not resize is selected with a tick mark. Tap the back arrow to come to the previous screen.Snapseed setting on iPhone

4. Tap Format and quality. Make sure JPG 100% is selected. Tap the back arrow to return.

How to save full resolution images using Snapseed

Change file size settings in Snapseed on Android Mobiles

1. Launch the Snapseed app. Tap the three dots on the top right, and tap Settings.

Android snapseed image size settings

2. Here you will see two options. Image sizing, and Format and quality.

Snapseed on Android

3. Tap Image Sizing. Make sure, Do not resize is selected. As soon as you choose the option, the screen will close.Do not resize photo

4. Tap Format and quality option. Tap JPG 100% to enable full size photos during export.

Full size resolution photos in Snapseed on Android

That’s about it! Happy editing.

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Antony Pratap

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